Caviar Rings

Comfortable to wear with a touch of luxury

Encased in the ring are 9 hand-set Cubic Zirconia Stones that glamour and sparkle. Made with Swarovski Gemstones.

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Bubbles Bangles

The bangles are smooth and sensual around your wrist.

Each piece is carefully hand polished in the heart of Europe.

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Pendants & Necklaces

Wear the necklace close to your heart.

Hang the pendants loose on a soft satin ribbon. Charming motives are available in refreshing colors...

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Bagcharms & Keyrings

What's a bag without a charm, your special key without a symbol? With their organic shapes cayoo charms become your good luck charms.

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Cutees Charms

Here they come - your enduring good luck charms!

The perfect accessory to sparkle up the bag of any trendy cayoonista...

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Cayoo is a fresh colorful fashion jewellery line 100% made in Europe with Swarovski Elements.The brand draws the name from "Caillou" (kai:ou) that means "pebbles" in french. The whole collection is inspired by the smooth and organic shapes of round stones, all edges carefully polished by hand.All crystals are handset in the heart of Europe.

Brand Story

A team of savvy and enthusiastic designers, engineers, branding and jewellery experts are working together to create a new, joyful and versatile jewellery experience for a self-aware and modern woman.

Cayoo as a new player on the stage of global brands is carefully build on three brand elements: High tech meets high touch to create deep emotions: The outcome is a unique experience that has to delivered at all touch points

Bubbles Bangles

Color crazy cayoo - ready for the beach party!
Floating crystals like bubbles in a cocktail...
Smooth shapes and fashionable trend colours

For the Spring Summer 2013 Bubbles Collection the 16 year young designer Lena was inspired by the random pattern of bubbles in a glass of sparkling water sitting at the beach along Cote d’Azur. Colorful crystals are floating in pure plexiglas as never seen before. Lena chose new effects and colors from SWAROVSKI Elements creating a unique fashion statement with the fresh colors of the season.

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